Oh Bungie What Have You Done?

It's just not in the cards, the stars didn't align for it at birth, it's just not its destiny. The game I was most excited for this year is a total let down. I guess their marketing team hasn't heard of "managing expectations" since they spent HALF A BILLION dollars telling people how awesome it was supposed to be. There are a ton of reviews that echo my thoughts, Destiny is the global let down. It's Mass effect without the depth, it's WoW without the open world or loot mechanics, it's Call of Duty without the customization. So to sum up Destiny is a Linear loot grind, storyless and no where near as interactive or social as it was meant to be. 

The total fail at party and social mechanics are not near as concerning to me as other reviewers but my disappointment lies mostly within the lack of story and depth. With so many years and so much money thrown at the project I expected the story to be massive, not just the odd points of incohesive information given by your ghost in cut scene. The story has been proven over and over again to hook people into even mediocre gameplay, the Assassin's Creed franchise showed that. The story was amazing and the first AC was pretty bad for gameplay, Mass Effect had people hooked with the original writing even when controls were odd and the cover system didn't work. In fact the story was so engaging that at the end of it there was so much passionate out cry with an ending that people thought didn't fit. Destiny will never achieve that kind of intense response because who cares about your nameless, one of a million "hero." 

I stopped playing World of Warcraft just over five years ago, I felt like it became too much of a loot grind. The mid game and levelling got trivialized and the end game was where all the focus was, Destiny is even worse than that raid driven loot grind. At least what kept me coming back to WoW was being able to play through different raids and have reward at the end, I had to put work in. With Bungie's new grind, you don't need a skilled party, or really any skills yourself. Once through the 8 hours it take to get to the level cap you can park yourself with a hundred others in front of a cave, and gear up just by being there, 20 minutes later you have enough stuff to take you through the most high end content the game can provide. Other RPG's have greatly minimized the effects of loot by having things be level appropriate and difficult to get, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect all do this wonderfully. 

As a First Person Shooter, Destiny is a fine game, it's fun to hop into a game and play for a bit, but without the depth it's not going to keep people (or me) playing. In one week's time it is going to get put away in favour of Shadows of Mordor, and in just over months time it will get traded in for Dragon Age Inquisition because Bioware has yet to let me down and Bungie has twice. When Destiny gets traded in for DA:I I'll be happy I got to play the half a billion dollar flop, but I'll be happier it wasn't my money in the game.