The Countdown to #Euro30

Is now at 5 days. That is practically no time before we embark on the journey of a lifetime. Four "besties" that have discovered they travel well together and have the same tolerance for doing weird things are leaving for 22 days to celebrate their collective 30th birthdays in style. The trip is going to include driving the Green Hell, visiting wineries, drinking beer, Zurich, the Monaco Grand Prix, wineries, Paris Opera Ballet, and Roland Garros, oh yea and a tour of the Jagermeister distillery because why not? It is going to be a bit of a ridiculous adventure of epic proportions and apparently people are interested to know about it.

The count own has brought up a couple questions in my mind about myself and how I am going to communicate what is happening to those that care back home (mostly our mom's). I have told a few people that I would blog about our trip in case people want to see except that I am not very good at telling people about what I am doing. I don't like Facebook for that reason, but Twitter and Instagram work well for me because of how concise they are. But here we are, I have told people I am going to do it, and my wife, bless her heart, thinks that I am good enough at this to tell a few of her friends and colleagues that I will be writing also. Deciding on format and content and frequency and everything is not going to be easy for me. Mostly this is because I feel like writing too much will take away from the experience of actually being there, and that would not be fun. I like looking at video and photos but missing things because your field of view through a scope... I mean camera, is so limited it's not cool.

I guess what I need to know is what people actually want to know about. As mentioned above our route takes us from Berlin to Köln, the 'Ring, Black Forest, Zurich, Monaco (for the GP), Avignon, Lyon, Dijon, and Paris for the French Open and Ballet. Visiting wineries and possibly breweries and distilleries all along the way and eating at amazing restaurants. What is a good mix for people? How many pictures do people want right away or is one big post at the end with a slide show of highlights ok? How many resto reviews? Let me know what you think and I will do my best.