Oh The Beer

Germany is pretty great. So far I’ve loved pretty much everything about it. The efficiency is incredible, in every aspect of their day to day. They all know how to drive and the highways are a joy. Queues that seem like they’d take forever to get through in Canada take mere minutes. Everything is well maintained and the cities and towns are clean because there are garbage cans every 25 steps. But nothing is as well thought out as their beer. It seems the goal in Germany is to make the best beer possible and drink a lot of it. And with the beer geeks of the Pacific Northwest pushing the envelope on abv it’s impossible to drink a ton of good beer in Canada. All our best stuff is craft and has the high abv that is associated with being craft. Here though, every bar and restaurant has multiple alcohol free versions of their best beers so that everyone can drink and keep drinking. Beer is too much a staple to not be able to drink at any time.

They have a few styles prevalent throughout Germany but the most common is pilsner. Every city, no matter their original style, has a major pils available there. Berlin will always have its weisse bier but pils are everywhere. Koln has it’s kolsch but just as popular is pils (basically the same thing but they still make both). Saarburg has its Riesling but pils is consumed at least as much.

For me beer is the easiest way to take in the “European way.” The European method is about normalization instead of restriction, it’s about putting the responsibility on the individual. A thought process very foreign to the law suit and blame happy North American way. Without getting too deep I will say that beer is an apt symbol of the responsibility that comes with freedom. The list of beer that we had is way too expansive and I didn’t take pictures of all of it but here is a snippit:

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