Braun Berliner

We've done it. We ate 2 metric shit tonnes of food. And drank beer to go with it all. As we ate and drank and walked Berlin I didn’t really think about taking notes at all so I don’t really have as much info as I’d like, but here’s the gist:

Many many places from Brauhaus Mitte to a place that none of us can remember the name of, and drank from a litre can of a danish beer. A few things were consistent everywhere we ate at drank: the beer was delicious and perfect temp always, the food was rich and very hearty, and it was all ugly. I don’t care that much about having my plate be super pretty, but the look of a pile of sauerkraut, and a hunk of schnitzel on a bed of an mushroom sauce the colour of the mushrooms after being blended with dirt is certainly not as appetizing looking as your typical pinterest meal. But despite the plates looking like, simply, piles of food, I packed my face full of delicious.

Night one was Schnitzel night at the resto we can’t remember the name of, and let me tell you… schnitzel night needs to be done by someone in Calgary. I had a classic schnitzel and a Berliner Pils. And here’s my note on beer in Germany, they are not in to the big crazy high percent beer, very few beers types are available over 5%. They want to drink a lot because it’s so good, and I feel the same way. Yay easy and delicious.

Day 2 we made our way to Brauhaus Mitte. Their house pils was brilliant and went perfectly with the pork knuckle. For a late night dinner we found ourselves as a super cool pub called Aufsturz. We drank some of the best weisse and weisse dunkel ever, and had those beer with a Berliner platte of mixed wurst and stuff Berliners eat. We took a a few pics of what we ate and drank so hopefully that explains things a little better than I can…

We also did the tourist thing check it out:

Berlin is a beautiful city with incredible architecture and great vibe. Its wartime heritage has really forced it into mixing old with new and it beautiful. I highly recommend a visit to the city and since 2 days is not enough I’m sure at some point I’ll be back. But for the last couple days I was one of few Brown Berliners.

For more pics and info about our trip please check out!