Head on the Stock...

...Eyes on the rock. It is a saying to live by, not just great shotgunning advice. The google has been teaching me how to be a better shotgunner and how to break clay more consistently. There is a ton of different ways of saying it but the one common theme through all of the good advice I read can be distilled down to that one saying: Head on the stock, eyes on the rock. There are 2 parts to this saying and both are as important as the other, and each on their own without its counterpart is actually bad advice. 

Head on the stock refers to your foundation, your setup before you even think about slapping the trigger. It's incredibly simple and mostly effective to think about this only as making sure your cheek is comfortably on the stock of the gun. But foundation is so much more than that. It how you are grounded, the width of your stance, the direction of your feet, the angle of your arms and where the gun is mounted on your shoulder. If all these things are working in perfect harmony your head will just be on the stock without you ever having to think about it. It's highly recommended that you practice mounting a shotgun to your shoulder before going out so that it feels natural to bring the gun up. And who doesn't want to practice mounting?

This notion of foundation being so important is easily applied to our daily lives as well. The decisions we make everyday come from a place that we have built over the years. Knowing where we come from and what makes us tick is all a part of setting up our foundation to make good fast decisions, not just as individuals but also as a city. People are generally too quick to dismiss the past and they want to forget key elements of why we are how we are. Take the Stampede for example, people hate it. But it is why this city has developed the way it has its why the pervasive attitude is different here than any other major city anywhere in the world. The foundation that started with the country attitude includes 2 key elements that make YYC the best in the world, and those are, firstly, the neighbourly friendliness and the spirit of helping other people out. And secondly the work hard play hard mentality, it's just so country. Work hard as long as you possibly can and then completely let loose. It's a big part of why people only see the drinking gong show side of stampede. But since life needs balance this will always be the case in a city that has as many workaholics as Calgary.

Eyes on the rock. If we have a good foundation set the only thing we should be focused on is the target. Hold your finger up halfway between your eye and the screen, focus on the target below. Easy right? you can see the target clearly and know exactly what you are looking at. Now shift your focus to your finger, all of a sudden there is 2 of the target if you have good eyes or a blurry mess of colour and circles if you don't. How would you know what your shooting at?


Besides the clay turning to dust isn't nearly as satisfying if you aren't watching happen in Real Life Super 3D with Auto focus on. Knowing what and where your target is is essential to hitting it. I find that life coaches and managers when training employees have a hard time articulating why goals are so important, and maybe that's because they're just not country redneck enough. 

Head on the stock, eyes on the rock. Words to live by.