Locked Up

People everywhere (read: greenies) have this idea that hunters are cruel to animals, that we don't respect what we kill, that we do it only to feel bigger than another species and for the thrill of the hunt. But none of that is true for the vast majority of hunters. Initiatives like Ducks Unlimited, the Alberta Conservation Association and the World Wildlife Fund wouldn't exist without hunters. A good hunter cares about the land because what he hunts depends on it. Sure there are a few idiot hunters that hit the trails on their quads with guns firing in the air but they certainly aren't the majority. Search for deer locked up in Google and you will find a lot of results of people like these guys putting their lives on the line to save the lives of the hunted. The video isn't too long but it really does show what hunters are all about.

They cover image on the vid is taken from Buck Manager where there is another short story about hunters trying first to save the bucks and getting gored in the process. The true joy of hunting can only come from the reverence shown.

I started hunting to be connected to my food as closely as possibly, and it has yielded a few of the best meals I have had. The taking of any life is a serious matter, the birds we killed and ate this year I can say were treated with the respected they deserved the whole way through the process, from death to my plate. See them fall makes you appreciate what they gave for you to eat. How much do you appreciate your food?

Thanks to Andrew for sending me that video last night and getting me pumped up about next season!