White is...

Right? Yup, when it is arguably the best possible way to have a Manhattan. Last night we had a meal with a few drinks and the whole experience made me long for warmer weather for the first time this year. The cold is not something I bitch about pretty much at all but drinking a white Manhattan and eating a rack of ribs calls for being out on someones deck. (Note to Troy we are having a repeat night when it's warm)

So before we dive to deeply into white is right when it comes to Manhattans a little about the food: The ribs were so good that they must be talked about. they were cooked to perfection, par boiled, then broiled in the oven with the most magical homemade barbecue sauce. As we chatted an I prepared the drinks I watched in amazement at the art of bbq sauce making. There was Troy being just generous enough with all the ingredients, painting the most beautiful reddish brown painting I have ever put in my facehole. As he painted the sauce on the ribs as they lay in wait for their oven time Troy promised that these ribs would be the hottest ribs I had ever had in my life, and like the majority of the night (thank you Ghosts for me sucking), there was no disappointment. As ribs went in and conversation spewed out of our mouths, there was a sense of elation as I recalled the ingredients and simply enjoyed how they worked together in simplicity. The recipe and ingredients for the bbq sauce are not mine to share so I won't, but if you have a favourite special ingredient that is a game changer feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Manhattans are an immensely popular cocktail right now, and I think I have an idea why: Of the classics that Mad Men is making fashionable Manhattans tend to be the sweetest, especially if made with bourbon. And no matter how many times people come into the store and tell me that they don't like sweet things, the reality of North America is that we are conditioned to sweeter things being the most pleasing on our palates, and there is nothing wrong with that. I really enjoy Manhattans and so ever since we've had Dillon's White Rye in the store I have had a white Manhattan variation. It was simple, 2 parts Dillon's White Rye 1 part Cocchi Americano and a dash of Dillon's pear bitters, and it worked so well that I sell it a lot to great review at the store. But since Troy is a good and dear friend I knew that I had to come up with a "change your life" kind of cocktail. 

The Recipe:

2 Parts Dillon's White Rye

1 Part Dolin Blanc sweet vermouth

a dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Black Mission Fig Bitters

1 guava.


The Method:

Cut the guava in half and scoop out the sweet middle of one half with the seeds and put that sweet part in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add Rye, vermouth, bitters and ice and stir well. Place a slice of guava sans seeds in the bottom of a highball glass and strain the drink over top. Have your life changed.

 This is a pic from my  instagram

This is a pic from my instagram

Now that looks like a a proper man's cocktail pairing.