I Play Favourites

It's nice out, finally. I am one of few that really loves the winter and doesn't mind the cold that we get here in Calgary, but I didn't realize how ready for I was warmth until yesterday. Yesterday was finally a great opportunity to get out to K Country and blow a few loads through my new set of pipes. First those pipes:

Those of you that know me well, know that I like pretty things. And that I give preference to pretty things, and looking at these pictures, for me, is reason enough to play favourites with this here firearm. Compared to my other shotgun which is a Remington 870E in all black synthetic, this Ringneck is something to behold. But, as with all the pretty things I surround myself with, read: my wife, she's more than just good looking. When anything that attractive gets talked about, the specs are always important information,requested information, so here's the deets by the numbers: 26, 14.5, 12, 5, 3, 1, 0. Barrel length, pull, gauge, shell length, how many clays needed to go up for my first hit, times I will second guess buying a side-by-side. I fell in love after I saw it and held it in my hands, and a week later I fell in love all over again when I pulled the trigger for the first time. It's just a joy and for sure my new favourite.

In Shotgunning, as a competitive sport with skeet and trap, and also upland bird hunting, there has been a massive trend towards Over/Under guns and while I understand why, I really think that people aren't shooting enough, and making decisions for themselves. The argument is 2 fold and both things sort of make sense ish. An O/U will have a single narrow sight plane taking up less of your field of view as well as both rounds will come out directly in line with said sight plane. Ok great, but with a side-by-side I find the 2 barrels frame my target and give me a faster acquisition of my target which makes me relax more and feel less rushed, so I take better shots. And with an O/U you only really get one shot on plane because the second barrel has to be angled slightly to have a zero with the bead at all (usually somewhere around 40yds). Needless to say there isn't one that is inherently better than the other, get out there and figure out which is better for you. All I can say is that SxS is better for me.

This new gun feels so great and so natural... Cock pheasant beware, I will eat you, but until the fall, it will just be shooting owwwww skeet, skeet skeet muthafukkaah.

Now I need name suggestions for her. I want something sexy, strong yet soft and feminine. I will leave the comment section open to name suggestions for a couple weeks and then I will pick one. And whoever has the winning name is free to come shooting with me and not have to pay for shells, clay or anything else for shooting that day. Of course you have to live in YYC to be able to come out.