Pig's what?

The first couple posts under "Eat" where both about drinking, so I figured it was about time to write a post about eating. The problem was that as I thought about which awesome Calgary restaurant to write about, I was a little overwhelmed by the choice, until I actually thought about. With so many great spots to chow down, it was actually easy to start by talking about a fail safe, a resto that somehow we just end up at. Maybe we end up there all the time because they started the trend of duck fat deep fryers here in town, or maybe because they have an amazeballs wine list, it could be that you can get foie gras on everything all the time but they do a "Foie Monday"... but more than likely it is because brunch and bourbon go together and they get it.

If you haven't figured out by now that I'm speaking of the Brasserie in Kensginton, you have been missing out on Chef Cam D's incredible creations for far too long. Just as chuck Norris needs a beard to contain his extra fist, Cam has a beard that holds back a hand wielding a big knife and a whole lobe of foie, powerful stuff. Our last fest of gluttony at Brasskens was quite the marathon. It was the Vinearts Staff party and what a show. One thing I always enjoy about Cam's cooking is that no matter how experimental he gets somehow it's always comfort food, perfect for curing what ails you, like an afternoon chugging beer at the National on 10th's bowling alley and driving around in a limo sucking back a magnum of Krug. That Sunday was probably not the most crazy the Brass Kitchen team has ever been but we still managed to eat pig face and dick cake. Wait pig what? Ya face.


Top photo courtesy of Cam's twitter and the finished roasted face with lobster thanks to Chef Jorel


We gorged ourselves on this pig face, and it was quite the experience. The skin had to be ripped back to get at the most tender cheek. Everything from grey matter to eyeball to snout was eaten and it was delicious. The night continued on with king crab, pork sausage and green beans,  and then pasta and fried chicken, each course well designed to help us be not totally incoherently wasted while trying to get more booze. And each course as perfectly cooked and full flavoured as the one prior. It could have been the stage of the night by the time the third course came out, but for me the tastiest part of the night was actually the pasta and chicken. It could be that redneck coming out again, craving the simplicity, but the simpler the dish the easier it is to pick out imperfections... unless there is none. Simple staples are difficult to execute with that kind of precision but Brass does it every time, go try their poutine, I dare you.

While this offering was special for us at the VA party, the quality and style of cooking (incredible opulence) is pervasive through their regular menu. And if you are always vigilant watching their social media you can sometimes get tix to their special events like the pork fat brunch, or catch the rager that is "This is not Winebar." 

Bottomline if you get off on mastication, eat here.