Force Motorsport 5 (FM5), or Forza as it's known in the sexier sounding Italian (say it: fortz-ah), is a great starting point for an incomplete complete game. The reason I say that is because even my wife (who doesn't game) and my brother in law (who, at 28 has the Xbox One as his very first console), are noticing the lack of content. With no prior knowledge of the older Forza editions and not knowing the Gran Turismo franchise exists, and therefore no expectations on what content FM5 should have, they still think it's lacking. The fact that the gameplay is so much better than previous editions is of little console-ation, and only to the experienced, who can drive in full simulation mode.

Now the good, The graphics truly are amazing. It is a stunning game to look at and switching back and forth between FM4 and 5 on a regular basis makes that fact even more evident. The gameplay improvements, attention to detail in the physics or racing, are impressive to say the least. The drivatar system is quite something as well; not only does it make it feel like you are racing against real people all the time, it also makes it possible for inexperienced racers to earn a little extra cash towards the car they want via daily check-ins. And possibly the best addition is  the Top Gear introductions for the series races and the Stig's digital cousin. They are hilarious for any motoring enthusiast that follows the BBC show.

On the nose it smells like blood, sweat and laziness, and in the mouth a sour, albeit short, finish. With only just over 200 cars and 14 locations in the game, it gets old quick. And what's worse is that Turn 10 is going to make us pay for fixing the game. Here's hoping that that they hear the complaints and patch in the iconic tracks they're missing asap.

I'll leave you with a fun little clip of my wife playing in her Lotus that sums up Turn 10's performance in the creation of the game, enjoy.