The Planning

Right now, since I just booked flights, my "playing", while not watching the Olympics, is mostly sitting behind my computer doing research on our route through Europe. Our friends Andrew and Vanessa, along with my wife and I, know that there is so much to see and so much to do, and really want nothing more than a loose plan that resembles this route:

The Route.png

Lots of fun in store for us, from exploring a city friends have called the greatest they have ever seen (Berlin), to driving the Green Hell, watching the greatest automotive event in the world, visiting at least 3 of my favourite wine makers, and probably finishing with Roland Garros. I admit getting into DRC is a bit of a pipe dream, and that one is on the map for the hell of it, but there are so many great winemakers in Burgundy that it doesn't even matter.

We have 12 days to get to the Grand Prix from Berlin and then 9 days to get back to Paris for our flight home. It is going to be a busy trip with some awesome travel buddies and I can't help spending hours at a time looking into what is fun to see and do around this route. The 4 of us travelled together well through New Orleans with only minimal planning of the actual time there and discovered lots of neat spots from talking to locals and wandering with only a few ideas and hopefully the same works for us through Europe. This is certainly a trip worthy of four 30th birthdays!

I am expecting Breweries to the north and beaches to the south and great eating the whole way through. Lots of people have recommended the Michelin guides to the areas we are going through and I will also be looking for tips from the wineries we visit. While the excitement is alive in me if there is anything you can think of for eating/drinking/doing please let me know in the comment section below!