The Mesmerizing 5 Rings

Play is all about escaping reality and it is easy to get lost in any number of activities, but right now and for the next couple weeks it is easiest to lose hours at a time watching the Olympic Games. With Canada having a pretty great start to these games it has been even easier than now to watch and get excited with the whole Canadian Team. Historically for me, and I'm sure a lot of other Canadians, when the winter Olympics are on it's easy to focus solely on hockey and forget there are other sports happening, but after a record medal count in Vancouver four years ago I'm keen on watching Canada take more yet again. The #WeAreWinter tag on twitter and the popularity of the saying is a reminder that the -25 we are experiencing isn't unusual even though we complain immensely about it, and not only is it common but it makes us great. The cold make us awesome at the winter sports we dominate and our medal count per capita during the summer is among the highest in the world, far out pacing the best in the standings, the USA and China. 

The successes of our fellow Canadians are inspiring and watching them out perform so many is somehow rewarding, as if we were winning those medals ourselves, from our couches. Trying to be productive when you feel like you are there competing in person is incredibly difficult. Even curling becomes exciting when we are winning. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is for me about the Olympics that drags me in, but I am in. Fully. I am excited about the next couple weeks and what it will mean for sport in Canada.

Feeling like one big family from coast to coast the sisters make it easy for us to imagine winning together. I know nothing of the psychology behind why we can get lost in other playing sports but if you have any insights please feel free to leave them in the comments. But for now I am going to go continue watching Canada lead the medal count.