A Different Reward Than Expected

In this day and age of instant gratification it is odd to have an experience where you take all the right steps diligently and not end up with a "positive" result. After spending hours out in the wilderness, my inclination based on societal training it to be very disappointed in not having a freezer full of meat. And yet somehow this is not the really the case. Sure there is a bit of that since I do want to be eating more hoofed  animals that I have personally harvested but since that is currently not an option I have been revelling in the experience of being out there.

The stuff I have seen this year has been absolutely thrilling. I mean who has a regular opportunity to be within 20ft of two mule deer bucks without them knowing you exist? Who has been in the middle of a bouquet of pheasants as they flush around you and fly away? Being able to watch as a hawk seemingly hovers motionless right over top of you as a wind gust keeps it up watching from close range as its' tail feathers and wingtips keep it in one place has got to be one of the best bird sightings I have ever had. Those are just a few of the purely awe inspiring events that I got to be a part of, let alone the events that were much more educational about the task at hand.

So far with the two bucks that got so close I was able to thoroughly inspect and have a great look at what Mulie bucks look like and have it sink in how different they are than white tails. But that discovery wasn't limited to the bucks. In an area that I could not have pulled the trigger if I wanted to there were a couple does, one white tail and one mulie. To see those so close to each other made on of the most difficult tasks in hunting much easier than it was in the past, identification when you can't see their rump is much more difficult. To be a little more studied in that regard is a big boon to confidence out there.

There is always so many things that I could be getting done for efficiency or wealth instead of just hanging out in the wilds Alberta, but then I probably wouldn't have this growing respect and connection to the world around me and the food I eat.