Destiny Fully Hidden by Shadow

After Destiny was, in my books, such a disappointment, I was really hoping that the trend for this fall's new game releases wasn't going to follow that. Now that I am a couple weeks of casual play into Shadow of Mordor I can say that, thankfully, we are not on a crazy downward spiral. This game is thrilling and engaging in ways I haven't seen before. With most RPG and open world games it is very easy to fall into a routine of just playing story missions with the odd exploration mission or party mission thrown in just to kill some time, but with SoM I find myself on a regular basis getting caught up seeking to destroy the newly risen Orc captain that just killed me.

The nemesis system is perfectly infuriating. So much so that one of the captains has such ridiculous power and is immune to almost everything I can throw at him, he's now killed me 7 times and been present for another orc landing the killing blow a further 3 times. Well you know what? Fuck you Lamlug the Greedy, I will get you. I haven't actually made it that far into the story missions yet because of these captains and the nemesis system. I have become obsessed with learning information and sucking knowledge of strengths and weaknesses violently from the skulls of lesser orcs so I can hunt the assholes that gang beat me down.

On top of the hunting orc captains I also really enjoy the side missions, especially the "kill things quietly" ones. building the legend of the dagger and rescuing outcasts is challenging as groups of orcs get bigger but a damn good time. It's so mind bogglingly addicting just getting lost in the map of the first part of the story. I'm hoping in the next little bit here I can move the story forward and have more map to explore. But certainly this is one to keep.