There are a few ways that I really like to be transported from reality to another place that is just plain fun, without a care or worry about something that could have a dramatic effect on my life. One of those ways I love to play is driving. I love driving so much that I really don't want to ever commute via car; living downtown and getting to walk to work every day means that driving remains something I do for fun and not simply because I have to. I have driven a few fun things over the years but on my mind currently is the experience my wife put together for my 30th birthday. Knowing my love of driving she booked us in at Speeders indoor pro go karts. It wasn't super expensive and even the people in our group that aren't drivers in the same way had a blast. Driving for fast lap times is an ideal situation for me, it gives me a chance to think only about me, my vehicle and the track. Passing other people is just a bonus for knowing your lap time is going to be better than theirs. Not that I'm competitive or anything.

Adrenaline taking me away is an outstanding feeling, and for those that want the same thing I recommend getting behind a wheel and driving fast. Just don't do it illegally or somewhere where you will be putting yourself or others in legitimate danger. I learned that the hard way in my youth when I rolled my car with a passenger and almost killed us both. The experience kept me out of the driver’s seat for a few years, but in that time I learned that being on a track and releasing the need to go fast in a controlled environment is still one of the things that gets me going.

For any who want fun in Calgary, I am going to highly recommend a few laps around the track at Speeders. When you get to the track, up by the airport, you get to walk up to the computers on the left of the desk and pick a racer name. Like Laser Quest you can pick whatever name you want and my wife definitely chose the best one with "Somesay…" a solid nod to The Stig. You then move to the right and pay for your races and pick up your racer card; the girls here were efficient and nice enough for front end customer service. They then tell you to go wait for your name to be called at the tables beside the track, which gives you an opportunity to get a feel for where people are braking and accelerating and how the track is driven before you get in for yourself. When the person at the cars finally calls your name, you get to put on a cotton head condom and pick a helmet; a helmet that is too big isn't much fun, so pick one that fits. After a short video and a talking to about the rules you get into your car. The first time you go out onto the track they give you a few laps with the karts’ power dialed down so you can get a feel for the track. When they feel like you are finally ready, they warn you that the brakes will become necessary around the bends and crank the power. Most of our group was impressed with the speed before the turning up of the throttle, but after, it was legit quick and a lot of fun.

With notes of electric motor and rubber on the nose and sweet victory on the palate this was a great experience, especially if you take a few friends so you can rub in the win. At $15.95 for a year membership and then $49 for three 14 lap races Speeders is certainly worth it.