A City Kid Turned Redneck

Little did I know, when I was a buck growing up in the laid back coastal town of Vancouver, that one day I would end up a real prairie boy, enjoying guns and the hunts they are used for, car racing, and video games. I am not going to sit here in my downtown condo and tell you that all of my big city tendencies have left me, though. After spending the better part of my working days in fashion, and now, having moved into the amazing world of wine, spirits and other fine liquid consumables, I am kept balanced in life. For me that is what this is about, making sure that I keep on doing ALL the things I like, not just a few.

I believe that being happy involves being grateful of where you are and assuming that somewhere else, maybe over a rainbow, is a better place to eat, play or hunt. There are drawbacks and negatives everywhere you go, but for me, with my wife at my side and hunting partners like my brother-in-laws (on both sides), I am choosing to be happiest here, in YYC, and like it or not I am going to tell you about it.

Most of my hobbies and interests are pretty obvious from the first couple glances around these pages. And while hunting, eating, and drinking have all become hipster sport, photography doesn't interest me in the slightest. So if the photos suck, I took them, and if they don't ,I will thank my friends that took them. Like Jesse A. for my background and profile pics.

The Writings on my Walls

Contained within these pages will be both my life stories and what I deem to be helpful information. I, like most bloggers, want to share because I think the stories I have are interesting, and even if no one else finds them that way I do. But since not everyone will care about the happenings in my life I will include reviews and insights on stuff from around YYC.

Each section will have some information that is unique to only it. And while I think the titles are self explanatory here's a little more detail.

Eat will have all my ramblings about consumables. If info on spirits and wine is what you want a sip of or if you want to chew on a new restaurant recommendation this is where you'll find it.

Play is where I go for fun. There are a lot of places I escape reality to and I plan on rating my escapes to help you find new and interesting things to do around town. From driving to gaming to ballet, I want a liberating life.

When I am most connected to the wild world around me I hunt. To understand the sacrifice animals make and to give them the respect they deserve, I hunt. I would rather eat meat than destroy their habitat with crops. With reverence to the game I take, and respect for the tools of the trade, I write.

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